Habitat of an ecologic Future.
Grow your sustainable Garden.
Zero-waste. Emisson-free.
Biospheric Cells.

Living Geodome Cells

Andreas Artem

CEO / Founder

Leo R D


With the dream of a TaaDoo in every village and town, we would like to offer a solution here.

Whether it was a dance or even a kiss of TAO & DAO is unknown in the history books.
You will find the essence of these energies in the TAADOO.

Each Taadoo is unique. Adapted to its location, not one Taadoo is like another.

As Taadooists, we are encouraged to trade and produce as regionally as we can.
Preferring regional is an obligation for any transformed enterprise.

The dream may be globally collective, the action manifests regionally and promotes happiness and harmony.

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A TaaDoo is a complex cellular being that is composed of many energy fields.
These topic pages on the individual cell components are summaries.

Once they have answered our questionnaire, we can provide them with much more in-depth answers to these topics with reference to their individual request.
Following this phase, we will provide them with an offer or refer them to the companies that are suitable for their project.


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wind energy

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solar energy

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salt storage

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water power

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humus storage

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geothermal energy

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Habitat for an ecological future. Zero waste. Emission-free. Off grid. Biospheric cells.

As Taadooists, we act wisely, prudently and holistically. The often very complex tasks set for us, we master due to the large experience in the coordination of most different ranges like: the architecture, the garden / landscape gardening, the Aquaponik and the most different most lasting energy concepts. Connected to the quantum field, everything is just fun in the game of life.


Nice that you have made it this far.
In order to go deeper into the matter and to be able to submit a proposal/offer to you, we ask for more detailed information. These will be treated very confidentially, and we also ask that our information is treated confidentially and valued.
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