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the story behind taadoo

In The Beginning was Chaos and darkness …

This cell was discovered for the first time on September 21, 2019.

A power outage led to this discovery. Total darkness for a short period of time in room 33 where the giant electron microscope stood frightened some scientists greatly. The complete darkness triggered fears that were very difficult for some to bear. Another small group However, scientists could live with these 11 minutes of complete darkness, their senses became so sensitive in this dark room that they could perceive the light of this previously unknown cell, which could be seen in the microscope despite the power failure.

Shortly thereafter everything worked fine again And whenever the unknown new cell briefly appeared in the microscope, the research teams reported that the first thing they saw was clear white light and immediately afterwards everything turned blue, with a slight delay everything appeared green. This play of colors always arose at the moment of the first observation and afterwards it was rather rare that the cell developed such clear colors. Out of this initial surprise, scientific research called this cell simply after its color play of white light – Green & Blue – LGBCell. She became a darling of research.

After this disruption in the scientific community and many heated discussions, a small group of so-called esoteric do-gooders formed, to whom the established scientific community gave the name Points of Light. Everyone always laughed at the saying:
these scientists are only here for a short time and will be gone just as quickly.

However, the experiences experienced by some of these researchers were so intense that no force in the world could stop them in their thirst for research and they dreamed of finding at least one of these cells in every village for the benefit of all and for a powerful charging of human potential. Some went as far as they believed with rapid cell divisions to end hunger forever in some areas of the world.

A team was formed & and quite quickly a brand name TaaDoo developed.
Received from established science they named TaaDooisten.

A few TaaDooists quit their scientific jobs and work together to bring the cell to market.

The TaaDooists would like to invite you to help recreate these wonderful cells to make this dream come alive and to build a first prototype that will hopefully soon divide like cells grow.

All components are known to people – nothing is missing and you can start right away.

The outer structure is like a geodesic dome with a wonderful Membrane & glass elements as an outer skin that breathes & converts light into energy. At some points on the cell walls, electricity is generated which drives pumps in the core of the cell and moves water powerfully. Water – light …… electromagnetic rotating fields are some of the main elements.

Unique life forms in the nucleus of the cell. Lots of fish/ animals & wonderful plants that are edible grow faster than anywhere else and consume less of the clear, precious water in the nucleus of the cell than is generally the case. A magically unexplored field demands the established science.

People like to stay inside this cell, harvest vegetables and fruits, like to meditate with all the living creatures.
Some even want to live in it and stay a few days to share their experiences around the world with this new experience and thus contribute to cell growth.
Some even cook right away and put on nice music…the plants and animals all like that too.

Children love the cells and are eager to learn everything about fish and plants. Some even take small fish with them and try all the seeds from this wonderful room in their home.Parents have trouble getting the kids out of the cells to their bed at night, they watch and play with colorful salamanders and compete in the mornings at school with their supergrowth plants, thick super yellow bananas — which neighboring allotment gardener can keep up?

Some scientists reported that these cells have tremendous potential. They attach measuring instruments everywhere and discuss whether
The conditions here are locally sustainable without the freshest vegetables long-distance transport to drop directly into the human mouth.
The economists still call him a customer, but if everyone soon has a cell like this in their garden comes off, the obsolete model long transport routes & bad poisoned supermarket vegetables an ignorant mass customer and the era of surveillance capitalism, all by itself. Every plant species thrives in these magic cells all year round. This made some scientists skeptical, but the very clever ones have recreated such cells and, after a rich harvest, often invite the neighbors to eat, who are also considering call such a cell your own. Simply combine all the ingredients and the latest scientific findings and the cell is ready.

Well – the cells have not yet been built and for the first we are looking for a particularly nice place where many people can visit, workshops and exchange can take place. People can try it out for a short time and slow down from the hectic pace of everyday life and thus become healthy like the plants and fish they could get to know. We think of conference houses, hotels, private owners, restaurants, campsites, etc etc; Wherever lots of fresh, top-quality vegetables are needed, and people like to celebrate, love, eat and enjoy this new/old opportunity. These cells have been around for thousands of years and thankfully they don’t have this wonderful planetary garden like many other beings just left.

Unfortunately there are good photos available at the moment none…. the cell always appeared too briefly under the microscope…… but the most important components have been described and the universities have exchanged and adjusted their data. Soon when the first cell is created we will take photos. We will keep you up to date and we would be happy if you know a location where you would like such a cell.
You can find some ingredients on the web at:
Microgreens -Aquaponic- Geodesic Dome -Hydroponic- Algae -Kois-Earthships and much more about water-light-soil-worms-compost-fungi……………

The conditions for the first growth
Everything is mobile.
The cells are flexible, mobile and quick to set up and dismantle. only a hole from the pond remains after dismantling and can serve as a water reservoir.
A stone circle remains……reminiscent of a TaaDoo prototype cell.

The very first prototypes are extremely individual and depend on local climatic conditions and permits if required.
It is a greenhouse in the context for the authorities & in some places it doesn’t need extensive planning permission. In some countries this can be completely different than in other countries. For starters we have ao. Portugal chosen, lots of sun-lots of space in the countryside-and interested conference houses-hotels-private owners-restaurants-campsites-communal facilities.

Vegetable cultivation can be in the foreground: special microgreens, algae, medicinal herbs, fish farming or the living/meditation aspect.

The present plans are waiting for their realization. The first TaaDoo-s will then be for sale when all scientific results are available and even skeptical economists are convinced.
You get the Opportunity to become one of the first to support us and whom we support in their commitment to make this planet better than the past has shown without great risk. Rejoice with us as these cells enjoy and make a comeback research and start together.

Andreas Artem
Sintra— Quinta das Sequóias Casa da Tapada— Fall 2019
Everything that is cultivated and organized in the cell can be as colorful as the color description of the researchers in their first observations.