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Andreas Artem


On all my journeys I have experienced how important it is to preserve and protect this beautiful planet - from primal human behaviors like greed, avarice, jealousy and abused power....

With the dream of a TaaDoo in every village and town, I would like to offer a solution here.

I love domes. They remind me of the starry night sky in the desert of Santa Fe / New Mexico, which entered my dreams through the dome of the dome where I lived in 1986.

In Yucatan Mexico I studied the fruit gardens of the Mayas while initiating a forest reforestation project.

Later in Portugal I realized that permaculture has a sister: aquaponics.
All these experiences and my access to the quantum field make me wake up every morning and say out loud: YES, we are doing this now!!!!

„Let’s do this now“ is the impulse of a transformed entrepreneur,
who works every day, and instead of continuing to serve the planet destruction machine, brings heaven to earth.

much love to you / us all and see you soon .

I am looking forward to new encounters on this path.

Andreas Artem
Gardener of Wealth

Leo R D

Marketing & Research

Leo has a background in business, intentional communities, alternative forms of building, and shamanic healing....
He has an extensive global network as the quintessential renaissance world citizen to match his multilingual skills. He has a flair for research, writing, structures, managing multiple projects/teams, and organizing everything in a user-friendly and easy-flowing format.

David Steurer


Gunnar Hagemeister